People often ask; who is Tait, what does Tait do? The answer’s pretty simple – Tait is a maker, a thinker, a doer and a facilitator. Tait’s outdoor furniture and products are designed, manufactured and guaranteed for all the ‘brilliant’ weather that Australia can throw at it, but never feels confined to just one area.

Tait is after all, equally at home outside or in.Over the course of the last 22 years we’ve collaborated with many designers, friends and colleagues to ensure a growing family of great design concepts see the light of day and find happy homes. It always starts with an idea. Some need more shaping than others, but once the concept is fairly resolved we begin prototyping in our Melbourne factory. From there we source local materials and our team of local artisans set to work bringing these ideas to life as Tait products.

Lovingly concepted and crafted in Thornbury Melbourne, you can trust that at Tait sustainability is paramount and we consider all forms from economic to social and environmental in everything we produce.




21 years of Tait