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You know how the saying goes… don’t judge a book by its cover. This property by local design firm Heartly in Melbourne’s Northcote is undeniably case, point and proven. With a considered selection of Tait products featuring throughout, we couldn’t be more proud to see our designs in context of one of the most beautiful, inspiring and moving homes we’ve seen. Located on the doorstep of Tait HQ, it’s always such a pleasure to see such style and elegance just moments away.

From the front exterior, Heartly Northcote (as it’s now known) appears as if a traditional cottage with what you assume to be a neighbour’s polar-opposite contemporary build at the rear, not in any way connected. It’s not until you approach the site or actually enter the building, that you realise the modern structure is an extension to this very property, forming what is one of the most brilliant architectural contrasts for a family home.

Heartly’s brief was to rejuvenate this formerly dilapidated and damp cottage and to breathe new life into it for its owners. Working with principal designer Mikayla Rose, they wanted a warm and welcoming family home, that took full advantage of its limited space. At one point the project came close to a total rebuild, however the requirement to retain the site’s history prevailed and a theme of breathtaking character and warmth reigned supreme as an essential in creating this much-loved family home.

Designing the renovation from scratch, Heartly monitored the project from start through to completion, working closely with the owner throughout the entire design process to ensure they felt that deep sense of ownership and connection to the building and the home being created for them.

A now-pioneering family home, Heartly Northcote incorporates an open-plan living space featuring an inviting sitting area, dining, kitchen and walk-in pantry, a study, three spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, a powder room, laundry, store room and second first-floor living room. A strategically located lightwell invites streams of sunlight and tastes of the outdoor elements to tie it all so beautifully together.

With a budget on the more-limited side, it was pivotal that Mikayla and her team were intelligent in getting the balance right, determining where to invest and save, while of course, delivering a sensationally impressive home for her clients.

“There are so many crucial details to the home that make it work so well. They are all interlinked and each builds upon the other, to list them independently they seem insignificant, but their affect is cumulative and the result is a place that just makes you feel good when you step inside. The connection between the indoor and outdoor space was fundamental to the success of this house, and a couple of Tait pieces were essential for that deck!” says Heartly’s Mikayla Rose.

Project Credits

Building Design: Heartly
Builder: Ben Thomas
Landscape Design: Mud Office
Photography: Derek Swalwell

As featured in Heartly Northcote, shop Tait’s Volley Rocker and Nano Table

Heartly, Hawthorn, VIC 3122; heartly.com.au


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