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Embrace green living and surround yourself with glorious plant life courtesy of GardenWall. Innovative, simple and unique, GardenWall’s stackable planter units are perfect for outdoor and indoor application. Addressing the classic planter with a contemporary twist, GardenWall sits seamlessly in residential settings while is also hotly favoured for commercial spaces, too.

Manufactured with lightweight aluminium, GardenWall is easy to both install and move around to best suit your space and positioning for plants. Units can be stacked to create a full-feature installation or screen structure of optional width and height to truly enhance a space, yet are just as striking when placed individually. Vaunting original design detail, GardenWall can be selected with either geometric or organic laser cut patterns and in a variety of colours.

To mark the 10th anniversary of GardenWall, Tait have released a limited-edition GardenWall pattern, ‘Terrain’, designed by plant maven Georgina Reid of The Planthunter. With only 100 limited-edition GardenWall ‘Terrain’ planters available, take advantage while stocks last.

Ten years old and as timeless as ever. Tait’s GardenWall has long been revered for its inventive yet simple design, addressing the classic planter with a twist. Featuring playful, stackable units in a range of patterns and variety of colours, GardenWall has long been gracing rooftop gardens and livening up office interiors for the good part of a decade. To give GardenWall the birthday it deserves, Tait have enlisted the talents of Georgina Reid (founder of the esteemed online magazine The Planthunter) to release a limited-edition GardenWall pattern named ‘Terrain’.

The design for ‘Terrain’ reflects on Reid’s interests in landscape topographies and the work of late Brazilian landscape architect, Roberto Burle Marx. An incredible artist and great modernist, Marx produced landscape design plans which have become works of art in themselves. Inspired by his approach and fuelled by her obsession with patterns of the earth as seen from above, Reid’s ‘Terrain’ design was conceived.

Tait’s original designs are protected under design registration and copyright.

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Tait’s standard production lead time is 6-8 weeks.

Commercial quantities may require longer lead times. Please contact your nearest showroom for a current lead time estimate.

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High UV Outdoors Coastal
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