Pick ‘N’ Mix

Designed By Daniel . Emma

The Pick ‘N’ Mix table and bench are Daniel and Emma’s first explorations into large furniture. Using simple forms they create objects that beautifully merge the durability of outside furniture with a sophisticated look suited to the indoors. Just like the mixed lolly counter of old, you are invited to interact with the furniture and make it your own, as different components can be selected to devise custom looks.


* Please note: Standard delivery times cannot be guaranteed on this item due to Tait’s factory closure over the holiday period. Please contact Tait directly to get an accurate delivery time frame.


For all retail orders placed in Tait showrooms, please allow approximately six weeks for delivery.


Commercial orders with larger and multiple quantities that are placed through Tait showrooms or stockists, can expect delivery times of at least six to eight weeks. 


See below the full selection of our colour options that are available through Tait showrooms and agents.

Just like the mixed lolly counter of old

Daniel Emma

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