Softline Mini Planter

Designed By Tait

The smooth, sexy curves of Softline are hard to resist! Ideal for home and work. Handy castors concealed within the planter’s base help you wheel your greenery where-ever you wish. Fully welded aluminium construction allows you to plant directly into the Softline, or conceal your pots within. Comes in a range of powder coat colours with a Mini Softline version that elevates your greenery to table, bench and desktop.

*On-line colours are shown below.

A greater range of colours are available through Tait showrooms and agents.


In Stock

This product is in stock and ready to ship. Please allow three to seven business days for delivery.


Commercial orders with larger and multiple quantities that are placed through Tait showrooms or stockists, can expect delivery times of at least six to eight weeks. 

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