PCCU – Woods Bagot

A bold but very spectacular specification of Tait. The People’s Choice Credit Union (PCCU), located in Adelaide’s CBD is one of Australia’s most successful member-owned financial institutions. Known for its community-minded ethos, the firm wanted to ensure that when building, designing and fitting out its new headquarters, the environment reflected what you would expect from a credit union that is focused on people. Projecting showy, plush accents like marble and oil paintings simply was not on the agenda for PCCU.

Instead, the new site on 50 Flinders blends simple, modern design, technological innovation and functional efficiencies. Also supporting staff interaction, the workplace now offers not only a dynamic space to work in but also encourages a flexibility and technology to increase collaboration and working together. Boasting a large staff café, a rooftop terrace located on level 13, a parent’s room and a reflection room, the headquarters were brought to life by leading Australian architect firm Woods Bagot.

Mirroring its vibrant stance to finance, Woods Bagot specified Tait’s all-Australian Volley and Breeze collections in a riot of crisp white and orange, notably by Instyle fabrics in Chatter. Offering spaces to lounge, relax, sit and socialise, Woods Bagots’ result is undoubtedly pioneering for future corporate workspaces.

  • Collection
    Breeze, Volley
  • Year
  • Client
    People's Choice Credit Union
  • Designer
    Woods Bagot
  • Photography
    David Sievers

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