Sorrento House – Figureground

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Located on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Sorrento House by Figureground is the reinvention of an original 1980s beach house, given a new lease of life with the addition of a first-floor deck, expanded living spaces and playroom.

Referencing the area’s abundant coastline, Tait‘s Tidal collection was chosen by the Melbourne architecture firm to take prime position on its new, invigorating deck space overlooking the stunning seaside surroundings.

Designed by Trent Jansen, Tidal captures the style and simplicity of Australian summers and days spent by the beach or poolside. Influenced by Australia’s surf culture, Jansen applied science to his design by researching wave formations and linear diagrams to deliver a collection of beautiful curved forms incorporating fine-lined stainless steel.

The Tidal Loungers and Tidal Coffee Tables, selected in Navy by Figureground, provide a beautiful homage to Sorrento’s enchanting waters to further complement the spot as an unrivalled space to retreat, lounge and simply take in those views.

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    Derek Swalwell

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