Our good friend Adam Robinson shares his new space and showroom

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When our friend Adam Robinson buys a house, he doesn’t mind how big it is, so long as it has a massive backyard. But until then, the super-talented landscape designer and stylist is having a good old time styling his new studio space and showroom on Danks Street in Sydney.

Adam has always been interested in design – he ripped up the carpet in his bedroom when he was a kid, painted the floors and completely reinvented the space. But it’s his love of outdoors that led him down the path of landscape design.

Adam is a great friend of Tait. He’s a big fan of our designs and we must say the feeling is mutual!

tait_adam robinson

Adam’s new space on Danks Street functions as a venue for design consultations and styling workshops and as a showroom for products – including many from yours truly!

Adam has chosen our Jak and Jil set, design by Justin Hutchinson, for his meeting table. And when you attend one of his workshops, you’ll be sitting on one of our Good One stools, designed by Alastair Keating.There are a few other familiar pieces too, including the Stellar screen, designed by Christina Waterson.

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Adam is working on a few interesting projects at the moment – he’s just finished a rooftop in Pyrmont and is about to start on another one in Bondi. “Rooftops and balconies are much bigger these days and all new apartments have them. There’s good opportunities to do interesting things with them,” he says.

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This is one of the reasons he’s running a balcony styling workshop at his new showroom. “You need a good mix of design and styling for balcony spaces,” Adam says. “It’s crucial that you get the furniture and wall art and all other elements right. Everything needs to work in harmony.”

Adam is the man to help you with that and we can take care of the furniture! Check out Adam’s new Dank Street space and be sure to drop by our showroom for even more outdoor inspiration!


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