At Home with The Taits

Now that we have a little more space between us and a lot more time on our hands, we figured it’s the perfect moment for everyone to get to know each other a little better.

Over the coming days and weeks, we want to give you a peek into how our Tait community are making the most of life under lockdown in a few words and pictures.

What better place to start than with our very own!

This week we are at home with… The Taits.

Suffice it to say the Taits are rocking their lockdown.

You’ll find Gordon in the kitchen rustling up ricotta gnocchi or dusting off the guitar, buoyed by remote musical love notes from oldest daughter Lily and her musician housemates.

Susan is more likely to be pottering in the garden, turned on by surprise tomatoes or painting with daughter Coco – who, like Dad, finds solace in the kitchen.

The Taits – Tiller the dog and Pepper the cat too – all come together for sunny Sunday brunches and twilight tunes and tipples in their sunny studio space at the bottom of the garden to keep it real.

We ask them how they’re keeping on keeping on and their words and pictures will inspire and delight…

Where are you locked down / holed up? Who with?

At home in Northcote with Gordon, Susan, Coco, Tiller the Dog and Pepper the Cat.

What are you listening too?

“A bit of old and new, some Bill Withers since he passed recently and our regular RRR programs (Melbourne community radio station).

Music, wine and cooking are proving a winning combination!”

What are you reading?

Gordon is reading an Australian crime novel, ‘The Rip’ by Mark Brandi.

Susan says “A LOT! I’m a huge reader and always have a few books on the go.

I have just finished ‘Overstory’ by Richard Powers which won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize – it’s a pretty dense read about the importance of trees. I’ve jumped into a shorter page-turner by Australian writer Christian White called  ‘The Wife and The Widow’.”

Coco, 20, loved the Golden Compass series as a teenager and is now reading the follow up ‘The Book of Dust Vol 2’ by Phillip Pullman and ‘Why Nations Fail’ by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson.

What are you watching?

You can’t beat SBS for crime series and the odd movie, according to Gordon and Susan.

Coco is surprised she’s not watching more, tends to use screen time to catch up with friends instead.

What are you cooking? 

Gordon is making handmade pasta or ricotta gnocchi and great breakfasts on the weekends to keep weekends feeling a bit normal.

Susan’s receiving a weekly veggie box and is experimenting with some inspired vegetable soups and Japanese pancakes.

Coco is baking cakes and scones. She used to work full-time at a cafe, so she’s making sure the house is well stocked with coffee and treats.

What are you drinking?

Gordon and Susan are drinking their neighbour’s beautiful wine – Jackson Brooke – and a lovely saffron Gin from Tasmania.

Coco is loving Pukka Tea and a lot more coffee than normal.

What do you miss the most?

“Catching up with friends and family over food and drinks. Such a simple pleasure – whether it’s at a fancy restaurant or pizzas at home – sharing stories and laughter helps you feel connected.

Our daughter Lily lives out of home, so we miss her.

One of the cute outcomes of being separated from Lily right now is that she lives in a shared household of musicians. To entertain themselves and send us love, they have been performing songs they know we love and sending us the videos.

After Gordon received his, he was inspired to dust off the guitar and perform a song for them. He’s still practising…

And hugs! I miss hugs!”

What don’t you miss and why?

“Being too busy and never being quite sure why life was so hectic.

We’re hoping we all learn to enjoy the slower pace of life.”

What’s the best part of the day?

“Like lots of people, we are walking more than ever and loving the morning walks. Such a simple pleasure that we took for granted before.”

How are you living A life outside?

Susan’s enjoying pottering in the garden.

Gordon’s happy if they can eat outside, or at least enjoy a wine at the end of the day.

Coco is going for regular runs.

What are you grateful for?

“SPACE! And our garden.

We live close to a creek and bushland which is beautiful to walk along.

We feel very fortunate to live in Australia.”

What is your favourite room in the house?

The studio in the back garden gets beautiful afternoon sun and Coco and Susan love drawing and painting out there.

“We have more time to do this now.”

What is your favourite place in the garden?

Gordon likes sitting in the studio in the evening.

Susan prefers sitting on the front veranda watching birds visit and saying hi to neighbours walking past.

“It’s very peaceful. We have some rogue tomato plants that came up after composting and I’m loving checking for ripe ones regularly.”

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