Pick ‘N’ Mix Your Way

By now you’re probably well familiar with our most recent collaboration with South Australian design duo, Daniel Emma. The product outcome is a real celebration of one of our sweetest childhood pastimes – bringing the flexibility of pick ’n’ mix lollies to furniture.

Just like the old tradition of mixing and matching confectionary to suit your taste, the Pick ‘N’ Mix furniture range is about as customisable as they come – you choose it all, from colour, size and material right down to the choice of unconventional leg shapes.

Launched in February 2014, this range was a “big” (excuse the pun) departure from Daniel Emma’s previous work in small designs.

As our Creative Director Susan Tait says: “It was dramatically different to anything in Tait’s folio, but in the same way it was a perfect fit and in keeping with our practice of updating the collection with something new and fresh.”

One of the most exciting elements of the range is its ability to be so completely versatile and purposely customisable to reflect tastes and needs of the buyer.

Like all Tait products, Pick ‘N’ Mix has been built to withstand the harsh Aussie climate outdoors, while designed with a sensibility associated to the indoors.

This intentional blurring of the lines of where the range might fit is what makes it so intriguing and suitable to a broad range of settings.

Residentially, Pick ‘N’ Mix makes a striking dining table accompanied by the owners choice of chairs, or even one or two of the matching Pick N’ Mix benches.

The dramatic form of Pick ‘N’ Mix is best appreciated from a distance, so would be equally as striking sitting in a backyard against a solid wall or vertical garden backdrop. Though we should warn, once you set your eyes on this setting, it’ll be hard to maintain that distance!

In a commercial landscape, the Pick ‘N’ Mix table is a great statement piece in an office or reception area.

Meanwhile the benches (which were designed as smaller versions of the table) can be used as coffee tables or fun seating in a garden, foyer or waiting room.

With endless configuration options, courtesy of the choice of cement sheet, stone or marble surface materials, and four leg styles available in any of the happy powder coat colours – Pick N’ Mix is a real bag of treats.

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Drop by one of our showrooms to see the entire range and have a little fun picking and mixing yourself!

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