Tait chats with Sydney design duo Amber Road

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Sometimes it pays to keep it all in the family. Sisters Katy Svalbe and Yasmine Ghoniem of interior design and landscape architecture business, Amber Road, prove this to be true! Their Sydney-based business combines their formidable family talents and we’re big fans of their work.

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Katy, a landscape architect, grew up in Sydney while Yasmine, an interior designer, was raised in the US. In 2011 the sisters were reunited and they launched Amber Road Design in 2013. “We didn’t spend much time together growing up so it’s been a great process of working together and getting to know each other better,” says Katy.

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Amber Road creates spaces that engage all the senses. “We’re inspired by creating spaces that nurture people on many levels, whether that’s through an edible garden or beautiful flowers.” Their landscape and interiors work include stunning private residences and public spaces. They have also produced some great hospitality designs, including HAM café in Cronulla and Chinta Kechil in Double Bay.

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Katy says she was drawn to landscape architecture because it combines science and the physical world with art and design. “Whether it’s landscape or interiors, we always aim to make our design look handcrafted – we’re not into making something that looks sterile,” she says. “We like to leave the mark of the artist.”

It’s always good to learn that such talented designers also appreciate the work of Tait. Amber Road are fans of our Volley range in particular, which is designed by Adam Goodrum. “We’ve always been attracted to the Volley range,” says Katy. “It’s got that next level of quirkiness and each piece can be used in conjunction with another. The Volley Rocker has an old-world quality but it’s contemporary too. We find all of Tait’s pieces to be timeless, well made and well thought out. And they’re good for indoors as well as outdoors.”

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The feeling is certainly mutual! Amber Road create amazing work for both inside and out. While you can’t choose your family, you can choose to work with them and Katy and Yasmine have clearly made the right choice!

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