Tait Present Seam at Denfair

Thank you to everyone who attended Denfair this year, with special thanks to those who visited Tait’s stand. For Tait’s fourth consecutive year exhibiting at Denfair, we have been pleased to witness the high calibre of Australian design talent grow and evolve into the world-class industry it has become today, this year being no exception. Both Tait and Seam designer, Adam Cornish, were thrilled for the Seam chair to be the co-winner of Denfair’s 2018 award for ‘Best Australian Product’ at this year’s event, with Tait now receiving the prestigious award for the second year in a row.

Designed by Adam Cornish for Tait
Designed by Jon Goulder for Spence & Lyda

With the whirlwind of Denfair 2018 having now come to a close, we take a look back at what Tait served up this year.

For our latest collection, Seam, Tait enlisted the expertise of prominent Australian designer, Adam Cornish. With designs for luxury Italian house, Alessi, as well as a number of premium Australian design brands, Cornish has become renowned for producing design which is honest, accessible and enduring.

Inspired by the act of tailoring a piece of fabric into a form-fitting garment, the Seam chair exhibits clean lines, refined joining details and impeccable form. When sitting in the chair, it is clear that a high-degree of attention has been paid to each facet of its design, from the flex in the backrest, rounded-off edges to the embracing contours. The broad collection translates into six typologies including dining chair, stacking chair, bar stool, café table, bar table and dining table. Aside from the stacking chair, each piece in the collection can be selected with either stainless steel legs or timber legs in natural Accoya, black Accoya, or warmer-toned Cambia.

Characterised in a rich and earthy colour palette which makes reference to Australian coastlines, terrains, and flora, the Seam collection is available in hard-wearing, textured powder coat hues including Deep Ocean, Paperbark, Ochre, Pale Eucalypt and Woodland Grey. Though designed to withstand heavy exterior use, the elegant collection works equally as well indoors.

Tait’s inviting and relaxing Denfair stand was a haven of deep greens and earthy reds, brought alive by climbing plant tendrils and dappled spotlighting. 

Vast colour-blocked walls provided a clean canvas, allowing the purity of the pieces to speak for themselves. Infusing a sense of the outdoors, breeze-block walls were used to divide the space into a range of translatable scenarios. The sublime, yet pared-back stand, centered around themes of ‘hospitality’, ‘education’, ‘the workplace’ and ‘the residence’. The scene able to fluidly translate across various scenarios from restaurant, work café, through to the home.

Hot on the heels of Tait’s win for Denfair 2017 ‘Best Product’ for our Trace collection by design luminary Adam Goodrum, Tait were thrilled to reveal our recently released Trace planter, a highly anticipated addition to the Trace collection. The planter echoes the signature tubular framework and stainless-steel mesh design feature seen throughout the Trace family. Demonstrating their versatility, the planters screened and divided the space, whilst becoming a piece of living artwork in themselves.

The Seam collection and Trace planter are now available through Tait showrooms and Tait dealers.

Stand photography by Fiona Susanto.
Seam campaign photography by Haydn Cattach.
Award photography by Denfair

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