As designers and manufacturers of authentic Australian outdoor design, Tait are proud Gold Member sponsors and supporters of the AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE®. Tait, together with the ADA® and a rank of leading Australian suppliers of original design, have banded together to join the fight against design theft in Australia, promoting the value and importance of investing in authentic Australian design.

For over 26 years, Tait are proud to have been an instrumental figure and leading force in the Australian design and manufacturing industry. Collaborating with and mentoring a legion of Australian designers (including Adam Goodrum, Ross Gardam and Adam Cornish to name a few), Tait work arduously to produce designs which are original, well-considered, high-quality and add value to the lives of our customers. Tait also nurtures and sustains the employment of our passionate craftsmen at our Melbourne factory, whilst engaging many local supply chains and local distribution channels all over Australia.

With the infiltration of ‘replica’ or rather ‘counterfeit design’ in the Australian market now at endemic proportions, there’s never been a more important time to support Australia’s designers, makers, manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers of authentic products. With Australian design protection laws falling well behind European and British counterparts (who have recently criminalised ‘replica’ and counterfeit products), Australian design protection laws offer little to almost no protection for both Australian and International designs in our region. “Having feasted on imports for years, counterfeiters have begun ripping off Australian furniture designs. And the law lets them do it” explains Stephen Todd, Design Editor of the Australian Financial Review.

Exemplifying the importance of investing in local, original design, Director of the ADA®, Anne-Maree Sargeant says, “A successful product employs a network. A successful collection creates a sub-economy”. Choosing counterfeit design directly, negatively impacts the livelihood of the original designer as well as the livelihood of locally-engaged businesses, not to mention hindering the growth of the Australian design and manufacturing industries as a whole and placing them in a vulnerable position. “At school we’re taught that copying is cheating. So why can my designs legally be copied in Australia without penalty?” says leading Australian designer Adam Goodrum at the 2016 Productivity Commission.

In addition to this, the danger of buying ‘replica’ looms in many incarnations. This is largely felt in the form of an industry rooted in profiting on low-cost labour, the use of cheap, sometimes toxic, un-sustainably sourced, poor quality materials, as well as questionable manufacturing and environmental standards. All of which manifests itself in an end product which is of inferior quality, short lifespan, potentially dangerous to use and subsequently destined for landfill within a year or two. With business model’s which induce a race to the bottom when it comes to price (and quality), how far can the ‘replica’ industry go?


It’s wonderful to note that in recent years we have seen the steady rise of Australian design and Architecture on the international design scene – gaining recognition and respect for our fresh, yet functional approach and high-quality product. When we look toward design-centric regions such as Scandinavia and Europe, whereby good design is deeply culturally embedded and protected from the infiltration of counterfeit products, we see these countries in these areas benefit economically at a gross domestic product level, through design innovation and an improved, high standard of living. Providing this blueprint we can establish the true value of original design on our own soil and work towards nurturing a flourishing Australian design and manufacturing industry, now and into the future.

When you invest in authentic, Australian design you invest directly in the livelihood of Australian designers, craftsmen, manufacturers, distribution channels, as well as the host of other local goods and services these businesses engage by which to run their operations (the flow-on effect).

There is also the benefit of owning a product which will last for many years to come (even a lifetime!), a piece which plays part to the fabric of your life. Here at Tait, we couldn’t believe more in the adage “buy once, buy well”. Investing in design which is both timeless, well-considered and of high quality will see you enjoy the piece for decades, while in many cases is more cost-effective in the long run and with far less negative environmental or social impact.

Through education, raising awareness and working toward improving Australia’s design protection laws, Tait, together with the ADA® are hopeful of fighting the issue of design theft in Australian and look forward to nurturing a local flourishing design and manufacturing industry, of which all Australians can benefit.

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“At school we’re taught that copying is cheating. So why can my designs legally be copied in Australia without penalty?”