Our story

Established in 1992 by husband and wife, Gordon and Susan Tait, Tait began in a small factory in Melbourne, Australia. Gordon, a sheet metal craftsman, and Susan, a creative textile designer, noticed an absence for well-designed, well-made outdoor products – both reflective of Australia’s enviable outdoor lifestyle and built to withstand the harsh Australian elements.

Our Philosophy

The Tait design philosophy is shaped by a strong manufacturing heritage, steeped in quality and craftsmanship. Each piece begins with an idea, a concept that is then refined and prototyped by Tait’s team of passionate craftspeople in their Melbourne factory. Testament to twenty-five years of designing and making, Tait’s products demonstrate resolved sophistication in each facet of their design and manufacture. Surmounting this philosophy, the Tait ‘Makers Mark’ appears on each product, symbolising the quality and history of the piece, whilst revealing its authenticity.


Script Skincare.

How did you initially hear about Tait?
I initially heard about Tait from my peers within the industry.

Why did you choose Tait for your project?
I chose Tait for this project as all of the products are made locally in Melbourne. Tait also provides a high-quality finish on their products.

Which Tait products did you choose? Why?
The Seam Stool was selected for use in Script Skincare. This product was selected on account of its relevant/suitable design and reasonable lead time compared to many overseas options.

Tell us about your experience with Tait.
Overall my experience with Tait was very positive. They were incredibly helpful, going so far as to produce custom colour finish for the project!

Kymberley Gim - Senior Interior Designer

Hecker Guthrie


Tait have offset 40.9 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere

Tait are committed to achieving best practice sustainability measures throughout all areas of their business.

Tait are committed to achieving best practice sustainability measures throughout all areas of their business. Taking an all-encompassing approach to sustainability, Tait seek to minimise their impact on the environment associated with the operations of the business whilst upholding ethical social responsibility. Tait continually work towards improving their environmental performance, with the goal of working towards closed loop manufacturing operations.


As designers and manufacturers of authentic Australian Made outdoor furniture, Tait are proud Gold Member sponsors and supporters of the AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE®. Tait, together with the ADA® and a rank of leading Australian suppliers of original design, have banded together to join the fight against design theft in Australia, promoting the value and importance of investing in authentic Australian design.

Enjoying a coffee in the morning sun, lazy afternoons lounging poolside and lively family barbecues at twilight. Life’s beautiful moments are made outside.