Collins Quarter – One 68

Melbourne, Victoria

Occupying a Victorian terrace on Melbourne’s Collins Street, Collins Quarter is a sexy hospitality space seamlessly incorporating areas for dining and drinking.

Located on the ‘Parisian stretch’ of one of Australia’s most-fashionable streets, Collins Quarter exudes a blend of 19th and 21st-century design within its polished but relaxed quarters, since opening in 2016.

Incorporating a mix of purpose-built rooms, intimate nooks and open spaces, Collins Quarter offers a variety of settings for almost every occasion, including the sophisticated European elegance of the Doc Martin’s aperitif and digestif bar, Colin’s Pub beyond, A Quarter Past for private dining, The Magnolia Courtyard, Pink Alley Bar and Ra Cigar and Cocktail Lounge.

Complementing its sultry ambience, a selection of Tait‘s Jak & Jil and Volley settings were expertly chosen throughout including within The Magnolia Courtyard, Pink Alley Bar and Doc Martins’ al-fresco space to the front of the venue, situated street side on Collins Street. In tones of black and grey, while also showcasing rich walnut wood, the pieces were able to reflect the alluring feel of the spaces to look as enchanting at night or day, while also offering a range of uses by including both dining and bar settings. 

  • Collection
    Volley, Jak & Jil
  • Year
  • Client
    Collins Quarter
  • Designer
    One 68

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