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Melbourne, Australia

The guests and residents of Tyrian Albert Park Lake – Arthur Apartments are spoiled for choice in this serene, luxurious rooftop haven designed by Hallmarc. A celebration of all the good things in life, the rooftop boasts a sky pool, sky deck, private dining room, barbecue, spa, sauna, gym and communal dining and seating areas. Positioned to take in the expansive, sky-high views of Albert Park Lake, Port Philip Bay and Melbourne’s CBD, both nature and the excitement of inner-city living are at the doorstep of this luxe, new south-side tower.

Feeling as though you might have just wandered into heaven, guests are welcomed with breathtaking gradient blue skies and endless water views. To the right, a sky deck and sparkling sky pool extend out into the ether of Albert Park Lake and Port Philip Bay. Down by the pool, Tait’s Volley Lounger, Stripe stool, Trace coffee table and Terrace tables encourage relaxed and informal poolside lounging and socialising.

Use of flowing, Aalto-esque architectural structures, landscaping, and furniture elements delineate the space into a range of zones for lounging, smaller gatherings and larger gatherings. Leading through, a semi-enclosed outdoor lounge area complete with rounded booth-style seating and round Trace coffee tables makes an ideal refuge for more private, smaller gatherings. Adjacent to this, a deluxe, private dining room recedes behind curved floor-to-ceiling glazing, allowing guests to take in all of the beauty of sky-high dining – but with an all-weather advantage.

A number of Volley loungers and Tidal coffee tables line the balustrade of the rooftop deck, making the perfect vantage point to enjoy a glass of pinot with a loved one – while taking in the scale and vastness of the city, parks, lake and bay immediately below. Over in the communal dining area, a bespoke, statement long table with delectable Moroccan-inspired blue and white mosaic tiling resides, forming a central hub for larger gatherings or smaller groups. Featuring an in-built barbecue at one end, the communal dining table is flanked by twelve Tait Stripe stools, encouraging casual dining en-masse. Set slightly aback, Tait’s Kink table in durable Spotted Gum meets meandering, booth-style seating on one side with the addition of matching low Tait Stripe stools on the other.

Upon being in the space, it is immediately clear that not an ounce of quality or consideration has been spared. Impeccable design details, quality craftsmanship, luxurious yet highly durable fit-for-purpose materials and finishes are all at play in this heavenly, five-star rooftop playground. Combining this with a thoughtfully considered plan in regards to how guests would utilise and experience the space, it is apparent that Hallmarc has set a new tone for sky-high living.

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  • Architect-Designer
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    Shannon McGrath

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