Enjoy outdoor entertaining all year round with 20% off the Tilt Outdoor Kitchen

We're offering 20% off the iconic Tilt Outdoor Kitchen until mid-August. The Tilt Outdoor Kitchen combines Tait's love for backyard living and barbecuing in a sleek, compact, multi-functional package. It's an open-and-shut case, setting the gold standard for outdoor entertaining.

Designed by Justin Hutchinson for Tait, Tilt is available with a traditional gas barbecue, or an electric teppanyaki grill, with the base model including your premium cooktop option and stainless-steel bench top. Beyond that, the sky is the limit!


Tilt Outdoor Kitchen with Teppanyaki Grill

Created to withstand harsh Australian conditions and spanning commercial to residential, hospitality to corporate applications, Tilt showcases resolved sophistication in each facet of the design and manufacturing process.

“Tilt provides a wonderful way to open up an outdoor space, providing time to disconnect, and reconnect in preparing and cooking food – the cornerstone of people coming together and sharing quality time.

“Cooking and enjoying in the outdoors is part of a great Australian tradition. It is where some of our best memories
are created… I’m proud that Tilt forms a part of people’s lives to share in this activity,” says Hutchinson.


Discover Tilt Outdoor Kitchen

Tilt Outdoor Kitchen with Teppanyaki grill, rangehood, stainless steel sink & tap combo.

Available in Tait’s distinctively Australian colour palettes, the Tilt Outdoor Kitchen is once again underpinned by Tait’s commitment to sustainability, evident in the materials used to create the range and Tait’s local manufacturing principles.


  • Electric teppanyaki grill or
  • Gas stainless-steel barbecue with roasting hood
  • Folded aluminium and stainless steel sheet
  • Powder-coated aluminium batons
  • Stainless steel bench top
  • Stainless steel sink and tap
  • Custom UV-stable powder coat
  • Accessory shelves

Optional Extras:

  • Integrated LED lighting
  • UV-protective awning
  • Premium sink and tap
  • Weather resistant cover
  • Security lock (commercial projects)

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Tilt Outdoor Kitchen Unit with BBQ, rangehood and stainless steel tap and sink combo.

Tilt Outdoor Kitchen details.

Published 27 June 2023

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