Forward Focus for Melbourne Design Week 2024

Forward Focus | Student Built Chairs Created From Waste is a collaborative exhibition curated by Zachary Frankel. Students from Hester Hornbrook Academy, a special assistance school supporting students with social and emotional challenges, were tasked to produce a chair entirely from waste materials, using limited tools. The students explored the potential of the waste materials — by-products of Tait’s manufacturing processes and various materials sourced — guided by industry mentors over a two-day workshop. The raw materials have been transformed by the students into a series of thought provoking chair experiments that were on display in Tait’s showroom as part of Melbourne Design Week 2024.

Experience the transformative impact of collaboration and sustainability as Forward Focus unveils the ingenious creations of tomorrow’s generation. In this exhibition young students from the Hester Hornbrook Academy, under the mentorship of Melbourne-based creatives, present their innovative chairs crafted entirely from waste materials and limited tools.

Curated by Zachary Frankel and hosted in the Tait Melbourne Showroom, the exhibition was the result of a two-day workshop providing a unique chance for the students of the Academy to support each other, brainstorm as a collective and put together interesting and thought provoking pieces to explore the pillars of Melbourne Design Week 2024: ecology, ethics and energy.

01 Kasey Stephenson

& Dean Norton

The Button Stool, 2024

Fabric, nails, string, timber

740 x 380mm

02 EM

& Nicole Lawerence of Nicole Lawerence Studio

Cloud Bench, 2024

Fabric, foam, aluminium, timber

780 x 400mm

03 Jordy

& Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

Untilted, 2024

Fabric, steel, rope, paint

720 x 720mm

04 Finn

& Torren Clifford of Old Four Legs

& Susan Tait

Finn’s Chair, 2024

Rope, steel, plastic, wire, fabric, aluminium

1440 x 850mm


05 R.A.M

& Samantha Barrow of Flack Studio

Rock ‘n’ Stool,  2024

Timber, screws, foam, paint, fabric

1070 x 340mm


06 Eliza

& Nick Horan

& Torren CLifford of Old Four Legs

& Jordy van den Nieuwendijik

Octa-chair, 2024

Fabric, thread, string, metal

Polystyrene, twine, paint

1090 x 700mm

07 EM

& Nicole Lawerence of Nicole Lawerence Studio

Egg Chair, 2024

Steel, foam, fabric

650 x 650mm



& Hester Hornbrook Academy

Untilted, 2024

Steel, timber, wheels, aluminium

450 x 520mm


09 Zayne Merrington

& Nick Horan

The Chair of Chairs, 2024

Stainless steel, steel, plastic, timber

680 x 580mm

Published 4 June 2024

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