Numbulwar Pop-Up Studio And Exhibition

Melbourne Design Week 2023
Numbulwar Numburindi Arts, a collective of Indigenous artists, together with Agency and contemporary furniture company, Tait, will host a unique pop-up studio and exhibition this Melbourne Design Week to draw focus on the significant environmental threat of discarded ghost nets, which account for around 40% of all ocean plastic.

Located in remote Western Arnhem Land, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Numbulwar Numburindi Arts is a 100% community-owned and controlled Art Centre. Numbulwar Numburindi Arts foster the practice and engagement of traditional culture, with artists skilfully merging naturally-dyed and locally-harvested pandanus with contemporary materials such as ghost nets, and abandoned commercial fishing lines nets that wash up on Numbulwar’s shoreline.

The pop-up studio and exhibition will feature Numbulwar Numburindi Arts master weavers Joy and Rose Wilfred, who have reimagined Tait’s iconic Tidal chair, a design inspired by ocean and wave patterns, to showcase the stunning weaving practices of Numbulwar artists and the power of collaboration.

Opening the doors to Tait’s Smith St, Fitzroy Showroom, the collaboration will run from 18 May – 28 May, with artists Joy Wilfred, Rose Wilfred, and Janette Murrungun in residence on Saturday, 20 May, and Sunday, 21 May, between 10am and 2pm, demonstrating their traditional weaving practice.



Preserving traditional weaving techniques using modern materials, participants will learn how to weave a small basket and learn about material harvesting and processes, with the aim to spark conversations around the innovative use of discarded ghost nets, which take 600 years to break down.

Learn to weave a small basket and share stories with the artists about traditional materials and harvesting.⁠ Limited capacity so be sure to book your ticket!⁠


Published 5 May 2023

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