Tait Materials & Finishes 2021

For almost three decades Tait has looked to the Australian landscape as a source of inspiration. Tait's materials and finishes for 2021 are no exception. From balmy seascapes on the east coast, inland mountain ranges, bio-diverse rainforests in the far north and rich desert gorges in the west, this season's palette's transcend time and trends. Create an outdoor space that is designed to last a lifetime with Tait's recommended range of high-performance outdoor materials and finishes.

Karijini Palette by Tait.


A vibrant desert-inspired palette, Karijini introduces warmth and comfort to your space. Named after the Karijini National Park in Western Australia, this palette honours the beautiful and rugged terrain of this iconic location. Rock formations are recreated through earthy terracotta tones – softened by native flora on a bed of foraged paperbark. A myriad of deep reds intertwine with rich brown hues and passionate burgundy shades to inspire a new era of cosy outdoor living. ⁠

Powder Coat Colours
Burgundy Clay Textured​, Corten Textured​, Headland Textured​

Timbers: ​Spotted Gum​ & Smoked Oak​, Seam Seat Pad: ​Headland​

Right-Hand Clockwise:​ Sunbrella Canvas ‘Terracotta’​, Kvadrat Patio ‘370’​, Mokum Tropicalia ’Sepia’​, Westbury Capri ‘Terracotta’, Instyle Zone ‘Game’​, Mokum Miami‘Bronze’​, Instyle Zone ‘Arid’​, Instyle Zone ‘Dance’​, Sunbrella Canvas ‘Tan’​, Mokum South Beach ‘Marsala’

Patonga Palette by Tait.


The Patonga palette captures the essence of Australian coastal living through natural linen tones, soft whites and complimenting browns. Named after the tranquil seaside town of Patonga on the mid-New South Wales coast, this palette draws on weathered driftwood and coastal grasses for inspiration. Tonal colours overlap with intricate patterned detail and woven textures to inspire a serene oceanic vibe for your outdoor space. ⁠

Powder Coat Colours
White Textured​, Surfmist Textured​, Paperbark Textured​, Jasper Textured​

Porcelain – White Marbled​, Seam Seat Pad: – Surfmist​, Accoya Timber – White​, Tidal Sock – ​Surfmist​

Right-Hand Clockwise:​ Mokum Reef ‘Citrine’​, Kvadrat Patio ‘430’​, Westbury Santa Domingo ‘Flax’​, Willie Weston Padanus ‘Eucalypt’​, Instyle Zone ‘In’​, Warwick Mykonos ‘Pumice’​, Mokum Madura ‘Shell’​, Mokum Esplanade ‘Linen’​, Sunbrella Canvas ‘Heather Beige’.

Kaba Kada Palette by Tait.

Kaba Kada

The Kaba Kada palette is reminiscent of a tropical holiday – channelling lush plant life and nourishing green tones for a calm and invigorating space. Kaba Kada is the Indigenous name for the Daintree Rainforest in far north Queensland. Rich in biodiversity and native plant life this palette introduces biophilic design in an achievable way. Fresh shades of green are met by moody undertones and soft outdoor fabrics mimicking the gently lit and cool areas of a tropical oasis.

Powder Coat Colours
Surfmist Textured​, Pale Eucalypt Textured​, Woodland Grey Textured​, Banksia Leaf Textured​

Timber – ​Smoked Oak, Volley Rope – Army Green, Porcelain – Black Marbled​

Right-Hand Clockwise:​ Westbury Nassau ‘Willow’​, Instyle Zone ‘Show’​, Maharam Sendal ‘Philodendron’​, Sunbrella Canvas ‘Fern’​, Westbury Nassau ’Granite’​, Mokum South Beach ‘Palm Leaf’​, Mokum Tropicalia ‘Midnight’​, Mokum South Beach ‘Kelp’​, Instyle Zone ‘Equator’​, Willie Weston Sugarbag Dreaming ‘Riverbed’

Colomatta Palette by Tait.


Colomatta (also known as the Blue Mountains) is a mysterious and dreamy palette that captivates your senses. Inspired by the vast mountain ranges and blanketed native bushland of this area, the Colomatta palette lends design cues from towering eucalyptus forests and abundant blue gum foliage. Featuring weathered timber and cool blue’s, Colomatta sparks memories of hazy days with wispy clouds lining the horizon and the scent of eucalyptus in the air.

Powder Coat Colours
White Textured​, Surfmist Textured​, Deep Ocean Textured​, Woodland Grey Textured​

Timber – Weathered Smoked Oak​, Volley Rope – Grey​, Tidal Sock – Navy​, Compact Laminate – Silver Grey​

Right-Hand Clockwise:​ Willie Weston Sugarbag Dreaming ‘Ghost Gum’​, Warwick Mykonos ‘Seafoam’​, Westbury Nassau ‘Spa’​, Kvadrat Patio ‘140’​, Kvadrat Patio ‘170’​, Instyle Zone ‘Sound’​, Instyle Zone ‘One’​, Westbury Capri ’Marina’​, Mokum Madura ‘Pacific’​, Mokum Reef ‘Birch’​, Mokum South Beach ‘Sky’

Published 26 August 2021

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