The Beauty and Persistance of Metal

Tait presents an exhibition focused on the beauty and persistence of metals, providing a visual poem to the use of the material and talk to the three pillars of Melbourne Design Week: ecology, ethics and energy. Activating the showroom through static, moving and 3D presentation Tait showcases high-performance Australian design and manufacturing with educational storytelling focusing on sustainability – a key challenge of contemporary life

The material featured in the new Cycle chair designed by Adam Goodrum. Whilst the ethics of raw aluminium extraction are complex, and in many ways, problematic, Tait’s focus is on efficiently harnessing the material already in production. Existing stock contains up to 70% recycled material, and is endlessly recyclable – this hard-wearing property making it perfectly suited to the tough Australian climate.

Evolution is a journey, not a destination. No stage or form is more important, better or worse than another. They’re all part of an enriching, dynamic cycle of becoming.

At Tait, we’re on a dedicated journey to be more responsible – and make more responsibly. We are still learning, and will always be. As we continue to seek out new ideas and methods, grounded in our deepest values, to inform and inspire our path forward, we invite you to come with us.

One of our greatest teachers is the metal we work with. It is the lens through which we experience creative possibility and practical limits. It’s how we understand the subtlety of inner workings and why we marvel at outer luminosity. Our days and our dreams are filled with a million shades of grey.


One of the five original elements, metal is borne of the earth, rusted by water in air, and shaped by fire. In an endless cycle, it re-forms and realises a host of different visions.

This is pure transformation, brought to life in elemental form. At Tait, we see firsthand how metal bends and flexes to enable remarkable expression; and paradoxically, how it holds tension with seemingly infinite strength. With our hands and our machines, we learn it, shape it, and help give it life in a new form.

In a spirit of wonder and curiosity, we invite you to explore the raw beauty, creative potential and steady persistence of metal.

Alongside The Beauty and Persistence of Metal, Tait also present Forward Focus | Student Built Chairs Created from Waste curated by Zachary Frankel in collaboration with Hester Hornbrook Academy. View the transformative power of collaboration and discover the ingenious creations of tomorrow’s generation, where young students mentored by Melbourne based creatives, unveil their innovative chairs crafted entirely from waste materials and limited tools.

Published 4 June 2024

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