At Home with Melissa Blight from Twofold Studio

Now that we have a little more space between us and a lot more time on our hands, we figured it’s the perfect moment for everyone to get to know each other a little better.

 This week we’re at home with… Melissa Blight.

Interior designer and long-time Tait collaborator, Melissa Blight of Twofold Studio in Brisbane is relishing the slower pace that a break from taxiing two teens to and fro affords.

Morning walks with cavoodle, Luca, continuing to create inspired interiors whilst working from home and homeschooling her two teenage children – so long as nothing comes between Melissa and her morning brew – everything is going to be alright.

Enjoy a morning stroll through Melissa’s art, light and nature-filled home…

 In 25 words or less, describe your relationship with Tait

I am an interior designer, director and co-founder of Twofold Studio, an interior design practice located in inner Brisbane. I have been specifying Tait products in our commercial and residential projects for many years now.

Where are you locked down / holed up? Who with? 

I am locked down in our house in Highgate Hill, Brisbane, with my husband Jayson, my teenage daughter Mia (16) son Jenson (13) – and our cavoodle, Luca. Mia and Jenson are doing online school quite independently, and I am working from home.

How are you still creating while isolating?

It is business as usual for Twofold Studio with projects currently on the drawing board, so I am still creating inspiring interiors. As we are collectors of contemporary art, mostly Queensland and emerging artists, I am particularly enjoying spending more time in close proximity to my artworks. I find art nurtures the soul and provides great creative stimulus!

Are you leaning into cabin fever or ditching it for A Life Outside?

A bit of both. My study overlooks our courtyard garden, so I have a view of greenery and nature whilst working.  I take Luca for a walk around the neighbourhood each morning and try to get outside into the sunshine during breaks.

What are you surprised that you don’t miss at all and why?

I don’t miss the busyness of driving kids to and from their activities and am loving the slower pace in this regard. Although it is disappointing for them that they can’t continue doing what they love in the outside world, we have found that most businesses have been quick to adapt and are running their classes and training online. We have set up our garage as a studio – ballet, yoga, fitness – and are really loving being able to do these activities without leaving the house.  The only problem is when we have a timetable clash!

What’s the best part of your day? 

My morning walk with Luca. It sets me up for the day ahead, gets the blood pumping and my mind clear. Also, my morning coffee – you really don’t want to talk to me until I have had my caffeine hit!

What have you learnt from lockdown? 

I have learnt to downshift and get back to basics. Being more inventive with cooking, using leftovers and generally understanding that we don’t need so much ‘stuff’ to live comfortably. I have also learnt to appreciate home and the sense of safety and security that it affords.

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