At Home with Sarah Fox from James Dunlop Textiles

Now that we have a little more space between us and a lot more time on our hands, we figured it’s the perfect moment for everyone to get to know each other a little better.

This week we’re at home with… Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox, International Brands Manager at James Dunlop Textiles and long-time Tait collaborator,

In 25 words or less, describe your relationship with Tait

I’m a Taiter (which is hilarious – lockdown has increased carb consumption, I’m becoming a tater too…) I work for James Dunlop Textiles – we supply Tait!

Where are you locked down / holed up? Who with? 

I’m holed up with my partner Ben and our new fur baby Jeb the cat.

How are you still creating while isolating?

Ben is recovering from an accident so now I am doing all the cooking, and with more time to do so, I have been rediscovering my love of creating tasty meals. Also, because Jeb is young and quite new, his growing confidence has forced a lot of small interior design projects as he knocks things over and destroys our houseplants. I’m doing a teensy amount of design and feng shui everyday in a bid to prevent further damage…

Are you leaning into cabin fever or ditching it for A Life Outside?

A definite 50/50 – much as I have enjoyed the time inside, learning to slow down and to relax in to myself with loads more reading, every few days I have felt forced outside by a gnawing sense of restlessness! Fortunately, we are in a leafy Northern suburb here in Melbourne so I can enjoy outdoor exercise in our pretty neighbourhood and admire the architecture, gardens and parks locally.

What are you surprised that you don’t miss at all and why?

I love being around my colleagues and clients – I am a definite collaborator so energy comes from being around others, however it has been amazing to appreciate the calmness and focus of working from home, and amazingly I still get as much of a boost from a video meeting with my local and trans-Tasman fabric cohorts as I do being in the same room with them. I’m getting so much work done! I definitely don’t miss traffic, or smog, or rushing places.

What’s the best part of your day? 

Probably enjoying a morning coffee as the autumn sun streams in to our living room. I am NOT a morning person, the caffeine addiction is too real, but I am appreciating starting my morning later as my commute is literally up one flight of stairs, so there is no rush, no hustle, no forgetting things as I dash out the door, just me and my coffee and the sun. The evening light just at sunset can be glorious, especially with a gin in hand too.

What have you learnt from lockdown? 

A lot! To be kinder to myself, to read more, to remain curious, to slow down, to reevaluate what is truly important, to appreciate the incomparable nature of love and friendship, how much I miss hugging people, how much I miss adventures and travel, how important it is to listen to music every day, what an incredible shared experience it has been no matter where you live, and how much I have needed to reconnect with people I have had minimal contact with – in some cases since childhood. All in all a hell of a lot of education about myself, my values, and the world we live in, a lot for a short period of time but it has felt entirely essential.

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