Fringe Furniture 31:
Remnants by Josh Carmody

For 31 years, Fringe Furniture has delivered a boundary-pushing showcase of cutting-edge design by emerging and established designer-makers. Tait has been involved since Fringe Furniture’s inception as a long-time supporter of the program (even entering a number of designs in the 1990’s!). This year, Gordon & Susan Tait was very pleased to present the Fringe Furniture Tait Award for Design Innovation to Josh Carmody for his design “The Remnants Series”.

Tait sat down with Josh to ask how he developed the concept behind the clever design.

Q) Congratulations on winning the Tait Award for Design Innovation at Fringe Furniture 31 this year! How was the concept for “The Remnants Series” born?

A) The idea was sparked from my days working in architecture firms. Our back rooms were always full of marble and stone samples which were ultimately going to be thrown away if they weren’t specified on the project. Suppliers never really came back to collect them. Every couple of months these rooms would get cleared out and these big beautiful pieces of stone were being thrown in the bin. Everyone would have their favourite little pieces that would become coasters or trivets around the house. I wanted to create an opportunity to make something a bit more special, either for yourself or for the client.

I identified a material source that no-one had a use for as yet. Everyone noticed it but didn’t necessarily have a use for it. The idea had been in my head for a couple of years and I’d been drawing it for about three years. It evolved significantly over that time and it got to a point where I was happy with the design and decided to hit the green button on prototyping. Finally, I took it to Milan Design Week to see what people thought.



The clamp system was designed to inspire architects and designers to reuse the stone, tile, and timber samples often forgotten in their design studio libraries.

The Remnants Series revolves around two clamps – designed to hold materials up to 30mm thick. Both clamps are assembled from a range of purpose-designed components machined in solid brass. The use of both clamps together makes it possible to create tables of varying shapes and heights – with the freedom to add structural support wherever needed.

Each clamp has a primary clamping mechanism on the post – and one or two secondary thumb screw clamps for fine tuning the holding pressure. In order to create a flat table surface, the Remnants clamps are designed to push the materials up from below. So when making a table top with varying material thicknesses – the tabletop surface is leveled out.


Fringe Furniture 31 Exhibition

14th  September – 1st October
Wednesday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm

Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford

Free entry


Josh Carmody Studio, www.joshcarmody.com.au

Photography: “The Remnants Series” by Andrew Walsh

Photography: Fringe Furniture 31 Exhibition by Theresa Harrison

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