Our Philosophy

The Tait design philosophy is shaped by a strong manufacturing heritage, steeped in quality and craftsmanship. Each piece begins with an idea, a concept that is then refined and prototyped by Tait’s team of passionate craftspeople in their Melbourne factory. Testament to twenty-five years of designing and making, Tait’s products demonstrate resolved sophistication in each facet of their design and manufacture. Surmounting this philosophy, the Tait ‘Makers Mark’ appears on each product, symbolising the quality and history of the piece, whilst revealing its authenticity.

An instrumental figure and leading force behind the Australian design and manufacturing industry, Tait have carved a long and proud legacy. Paramount to the Tait philosophy is collaboration and mentoring of emerging and established Australian designers, supporting local design and arts bodies from grass roots to professional industry, engaging Australian suppliers and manufacturing entirely onshore in Australia.

Through a long product lifecycle, sourcing sustainable materials, waste reduction initiatives, manufacturing locally as well as upholding ethical social responsibilities, Tait strive toward minimising their environmental and social impact. For more information, please see Tait’s statement on Sustainability.


"26 years on, we are proud to still be an Australian manufacturer in a vulnerable industry"