Broached Monsters by Trent Jansen

Broached Monsters is the latest intriguing body of work from Tait designer Trent Jansen as part of his participation within Lou Weis’ Broached collective. It follows in succession to Jansen’s previous releases that have uniquely explored folklore and urban legends of Australia to inspire his reinterpretations through design and also formed a key part of Melbourne Design Week.

As a collection of limited-edition pieces, Broached Monsters is the result of five years of research and development focused on the traditions of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations during the early years of Australian colonisation.

“Prior to colonisation Australia was imagined, in the northern hemisphere, as a vast southern landmass and little else was factually known. Fabulous creatures, of incredible proportions and improbable anatomy, filled the void of knowledge,” says Jansen.

With this body of work, Jansen delves back into the initial days of European settlement in Australia, paying reference to the Australia’s Folklore of Fear by writer Robert Holden and Jansen’s own conversations with discussions with Western Arrernte Baden Williams, from Hermannsberg. The superstition and intrigue associated with Aboriginal folklore spread by the return of the early British colonists no doubt inspired Jansen further with how frightful monsters and unknown possibilities of the Australian bush land soon became a point of cultural confluence for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Creating physical entities to embody his work, Pankalangu and the Hairy Wild Man From Botany Bay form the central focus as inclusive Indigenous and non-Indigenous representations of national mythology. Hybrid in form, both creatures have been interpreted by design to create works including the Pankalangu Wardrobe incorporating a wardrobe, armchair and side table adorned with scales made from Queensland walnut and copper that blend together in the absence of light however when caught, glisten sensationally. Other pieces include the Pankalangu Arm Chair, Bowl and Side Table, in addition to the Hairy Wild Man From Botany Bay Chaise Lounge, Chandelier and Bowl.

Broached Monsters by Trent Jansen can be currently viewed at Criteria Collection, 66 Gwynne Street, Cremorne, Victoria; criteriacollection.com.au

Trent Jansen; trentjansen.com

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