Jak Chair

Designed By Justin Hutchinson

Full of charm and vigour, Jak is the life of the party. His nimble form and fine-lined profile combined with the stylish tilt of backrest makes Jak a handsome accompaniment to Jil, as well as a variety of other Tait tables. Whether indoors or out, Jak’s zinc-plated, mild-steel frame is beyond suited for all situations and settings with a broad range of powder coat colours available too.


* Please note: Standard delivery times cannot be guaranteed on this item due to Tait’s factory closure over the holiday period. Please contact Tait directly to get an accurate delivery time frame.


For all retail orders placed online or in Tait showrooms, please allow approximately four weeks for delivery.


Commercial orders with larger and multiple quantities that are placed through Tait showrooms or stockists, can expect delivery times of at least six to eight weeks. 


Full selection of our colour options available through Tait showrooms and agents.

Instore Powder Coat Options

This boy gets around.
Some might see Jak as a bit wirey and slight but he’s as sturdy and dependable as the day is long.

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