Here Comes the Sun

As we emerge from a long winter and a city in slumber - perhaps The Beatle's put it best when George Harrison penned Here Comes the Sun. With warmer day's now on our doorstep, the smell of possibility is in the air, and a quite literal skip in our step, we are all welcoming those sun-drenched days with open arms. Whether you'll be hosting the whole shebang or catching up with a few close pals these holidays, entertaining outdoors is a must for letting the good times roll.

For large festive gatherings, the Linear Collection is our crowd-favourite. Choose benches for easy access and squeezing in a few extra’s, or mix it up with your favourite Tait chairs on the opposite side.

Jak & Jil Setting with Drum Planter.

Nothing says Here Comes the Sun like a gin & tonic on the deck as the sun lowers in the sky. Tait’s fun-loving duo, Jak & Jil, are effortlessly stylish and timeless. Jil’s round table allows the collection to sit more spaciously in compact spaces.



If you’re one for the finer things in life, the Trace Dining Collection’s marbled porcelain table-top and smoked oak benching bring the luxury of indoor dining to the outdoors.

Jak & Jil Setting.

With Summer holidays on the horizon, it’s time for our team at Tait to take a well-deserved break.

Tait’s Showrooms will be closed from 24 December – 3 January.


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Published 2 December 2021

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