Meet Tilt Outdoor Kitchen designer, Justin Hutchinson

In celebration of our incredible 20% discount on all Tilt Outdoor Kitchen orders until August 15th 2023, we recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tilt's Melbourne-based industrial designer, lecturer and urban innovator, Justin Hutchinson to discuss the Tilt Outdoor Kitchen in more detail. His experience with outdoor products and environmental design has sparked his ongoing research into the duality between the manufactured and the natural environment - designing for longevity and ultimately trying to forge a way for the man-made to co-exist with the natural environment.

What was the inspiration for creating Tilt?   

Tilt was born out of a necessity to provide a rooftop kitchenette that did not impact on planning. Anything over 1700H would require a planning permit…hey presto, ‘Tilt’ was developed to address this need.

In addition, it was identified early on that Australia has a generous amount of sunlight in Summer, and it’s best to stand in the shade – this is where the timber battens of the open kitchen work their best, while also providing a good place to hide from light rain when the party must go on!

Is there a meaning behind the name ‘Tilt’? 

It refers to the mechanism with which the kitchen is revealed. I also recall days down at the pinball parlour – if you played too rough, the pinball machine would alert you with the words ‘Tilt’.

Why did you choose the specific materials in the product including aluminium, and stainless-steel sheeting? 

The materials evolved. Aluminium as a material can be easily repaired or recycled, which was an important consideration. It is also weather appropriate, lighter and a suitable material to keep the weight down for sustainable shipping and handling.

Discover Tilt Outdoor Kitchen

Tilt Outdoor Kitchen in Pale Eucalypt textured powder coat with gas bbq and tap/sink combo.

What is the point of difference as opposed to a classic BBQ for example? 

The point of difference is the in-built awning and the ability for everything to be hidden away with the close of the awning door. Tilt is especially suitable for small backyards and rooftop gardens. The open and shut case really does set the gold standard for outdoor entertaining.

What is Tilt’s appeal for developers and the commercial market? i.e. rooftop gardens or multi-res projects?

The opportunities are huge. The ability to open up a rooftop terrace to an activity, time to disconnect, and reconnect in preparing and cooking food – that is the cornerstone of people coming together and sharing quality time.

What does cooking and outdoor dining mean to you as a designer? 

Cooking and enjoying in the outdoors is part of a great Australian tradition. It is where some of our best memories are created, and the pleasure of sharing different foods is something I have always travelled far and wide to do. I’m proud that Tilt forms a part of people’s lives to share in this activity.

Having the opportunity to sit down with our designers and discuss high performance design is always an honour. To find out more about our 20% off the Tilt Outdoor Kitchen promotion contact our dedicated team. 

Discover Tilt Outdoor Kitchen
Published 4 August 2023

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