An Australian Outdoor Story


With Summer on the horizon, Australian and New Zealand based contemporary textile house, Mokum, and Australian outdoor furniture design house, Tait, have come together to celebrate the southern hemisphere’s latest and greatest in outdoor design. This season channels late-century nostalgia with warm and dreamy scenes of laissez-faire lounging. Tait and Mokum’s Summer 2019/20 collection reaches new levels of outdoor comfort and effortless style, built to last in Australia’s unforgiving elements. Where your home is your sanctuary and your outdoor space an escape to paradise, this seasons playful yet pared-back pieces bring the sumptuous luxury of indoor living to the outdoors.

‘An Australian Outdoor Story’ is set against a backdrop of Sydney’s idyllic hidden coves, where cliff faces dive into mermaid-green bays and crisp white yachts sway at their moorings. Golden light trickles through dappled, drawn-out shadows, imparting an atmosphere of long afternoons blissing-out by the garden or pool.

Referencing design cues from the ’70s and a biophilic return to nature, the collection embodies a sense of relaxation and escape. Showcasing fluid, rounded and tubular frames with soft, cocooning volumes swathed in high-texture weaves, plush velvets, and Tropicalismo- inspired prints, the collection realises new and luxurious ways of living outdoors. Modular seating and versatile pieces such as the Trace drinks trolley offer added flexibility when entertaining, while laid-back loungers make adding extra guests a breeze.

Perhaps the most covetable piece of the collection, Tait’s Trace armchair (by leading Australian designer Adam Goodrum), debuts Mokum’s new ‘Tropicalia’ statement outdoor fabric. Designed by famed Australian costume and production designer, Catherine Martin, (most notably renowned for her Academy Award® winning and nominated work across films including; Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby and Australia directed by Baz Luhrmann) Tropicalia features leafy fronds, bunches of bananas and playful sophistication.

Never before have we quite seen high performance in the outdoors meet the refined luxury of indoor lounging than with the release of Mokum’s lush outdoor velvet, South Beach. The forward-thinking outdoor velvet welcomes into the fold a rich yet pleasantly muted palette as well as a line of refined nautical-inspired velvet stripes.

Each detail in the collection has been designed and made to last, with both Tait and Mokum respectively drawing on over 25 years experience designing and manufacturing products to withstand Australia’s harsh climate. Tait’s low maintenance product frames are finished in hard-wearing, UV stable powder coat with timber elements made with dimensionally stable, sustainable timber. “In recent years, performance advancements in outdoor materials have improved so much so, that we can readily achieve the luxury of an indoor lounge with one that is all-weather” says Tait’s Creative Director, Susan Tait. Each outdoor fabric in the collection boasts outstanding performance indicators including; UV light fastness, solution-dyed compositions and bleach cleanability. “If a fabric can’t meet what we deem our non-negotiables, we simply won’t release it” explains Mokum’s Design Director, Stephanie Moffitt.

Styling by Steve Cordony, photography by Robert Walsh.

Tait & Mokum’s Summer 2019/20 collection is available now.

Mokum’s Tropicalia, Miami, South Beach and South Beach Stripe textile range is available for order through James Dunlop Textiles.

Showcasing fluid, rounded and tubular frames with soft, cocooning volumes

Tropicalia features leafy fronds, bunches of bananas and playful sophistication

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