Style inspiration with landscape designer and stylist Adam Robinson

Like most dyed-in-the-wool Aussies the great outdoors is our passion – and great design for outdoor living even more so! Which is why we’re so happy to share with you this lovely photo shoot from landscape designer and stylist, Adam Robinson.

We’re avid followers of Adam’s work – especially when it involves Tait furniture, (as you can see/read here). And this particular shoot, featuring lots of Tait pieces, is no exception – he just makes everything look so good!

In this particular shoot, says Adam, “we had a modern, contemporary house to work with, and so the furniture was kept modern in keeping with the architecture. The predominant black and white in the furniture gives it sophistication and timelessness.”

Keeping it simple with black and white, Adam has added bold colours to really make things pop. “I pulled some yellow-greens from the plants to form the colour scheme of the styling – such as the cushions – and also the blue from the pool tiles.”

The lush greens and different textures of the plants against the white planters and walls definitely makes a statement. The pots too, in keeping with the white of the house, really bring out the verdant green.

You’ve probably already picked out a few classic pieces from yours truly. Here, the Linear table and benches have been teamed with the Breeze Loungers and sofa to create the perfect entertaining area, extending the indoor living space. “It’s ideal having a dining area and a casual lounge area; we tend to use our lounge areas more often,” Adam says.

Pairing muted furniture tones with bold prints and bright colours, with a spot of natural hardwood timbers, adds a real sense of personality to the minimal, modern aesthetic.

Not only do we love Adam’s work, but we’re just as excited to help you realise your own outdoor, and indoor, designs. Why not drop by one of our showrooms and chat to us about your ideas for your own space. Do you even need an excuse?

Photography courtesy of Natalie Hunfalvay and landscape construction by Dig Landscaping.

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