Celebrating Circularity for Melbourne Design Week 2024

Melbourne Design Week 2024 at Tait
Celebrating circularity, Tait will present two complementary exhibitions in our Melbourne showroom exploring themes of recycled materials and knowledge sharing for Melbourne Design Week 2024 from 23 May - 1 June 2024.

In addition to launching a sneak peek of our new Cycle chair and barstool designed by Adam Goodrum, we are proud to present 'The Beauty and Persistence of Metal' offering a visual ode to the material and addressing the three pillars of Melbourne Design Week: ecology, ethics, and energy. We will also showcase 'Forward Focus | Student Built Chairs Created from Waste' curated by Zachary Frankel in collaboration with Hester Hornbrook Academy.

The Beauty and Persistence of Metal

Evolution is a journey, not a destination. No stage or form is more important, better or worse than another. They’re all part of an enriching, dynamic cycle of becoming.

‘The Beauty and Persistence of Metal’ showcases the recyclable properties of aluminium, the material featured in the new Cycle chair designed by Adam Goodrum. Whilst the ethics of raw aluminium extraction are complex, and in many ways, problematic, Tait’s focus is on efficiently harnessing the material already in production. Existing stock contains up to 70% recycled material and is endlessly recyclable – this hard-wearing property perfectly suits the tough Australian climate. By celebrating the material in its various forms throughout the recycling process, ‘The Beauty and Persistence of Metal’ highlights the importance of material reuse and circularity in design.

Coinciding with the exhibition, attendees will be treated to a sneak peek of our new Cycle chair and bar stool. This latest design by award-winning Industrial Designer Adam Goodrum is crafted with the help of a unique metal tube-bending machine imported from Japan – with each piece manufactured in the Tait factory less than 20km from the showroom, in Thomastown, Victoria.


Forward Focus | Student Built Chairs Created from Waste

While at Tait, experience the transformative impact of collaboration and sustainability as ‘Forward Focus | Student Built Chairs Created from Waste’ unveils the ingenious creations of tomorrow’s generation. In this exhibition, young students from the Hester Hornbrook Academy, under the mentorship of Melbourne-based creatives, present their innovative chairs crafted entirely from waste materials and limited tools.

Curated by Zachary Frankel, the exhibition is the result of a two-day workshop providing a unique chance for the students of the Academy to support each other, brainstorm as a collective and put together interesting and thought-provoking pieces to explore the pillars of Melbourne Design Week 2024.



Rubbish on The Shore | Symposium

We are also proud to support ‘RUBBISH ON THE SHORE | DESIGN AND DISCOURSE’  presented by Agency Projects.

Building on our Numbulwar Pop-up Studio and Exhibition for Melbourne Design Week 2023, Agency Projects in partnership with First Nations design thinkers continue the important conversation around issues facing Indigenous community organisations impacted by ghost nets and marine debris across the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Torres Strait.

Susan and Gordon Tait where truly honoured to recently take part in Agency Project’s powerful cross-cultural think tank Rubbish on the Shore conducted in Arnhem Land focusing on designing solutions for ghost nets and marine debris impacting Indigenous communities and Sea Country in Northern Australia. Following on from the Think Tank on Country in early May, Agency Projects will present talks and presentations about the cultural and environmental impacts of ghost net and marine debris pollution affecting First Nations communities. Agency have invited First Nations guests to share their cultural and environmental knowledge of the ghost net and marine debris problem as leaders and custodians of the lands and sea, inviting audiences to join their cause.

Published 16 May 2024

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