Horizon Lines
Tait Spring/Summer 2021

Tait are thrilled to reveal our Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Horizon Lines. With spending time outdoors more important than ever for our wellbeing, the collection enhances our interconnectedness with nature while encouraging outdoor living as a way of life. Designed and built to withstand the harsh Australian elements, and harnessing the comfort and luxury of indoor design, the collection ushers in a new age of elevated outdoor living.

With recent world events seeing us spend more time than ever in the home, Horizon Lines sees Tait shift the lens to connecting more intentionally with our outdoor spaces. As spaces that allow us to create moments of escape, take a deep breath of fresh air, feel energising sunshine on our skin, and share special moments with those we love – there’s something unfaltering about the way spending time outdoors manages to fill our cup. Encouraging outdoor living as a way of life, the collection offers various modes of elevated lounging and dining. Presenting luxurious pool-side dining, dining arrangements for large festive gatherings, impromptu dining options for smaller spaces, as well as scenes of expansive and cocooning lounging, and sling-style lounging for the deck.

Tait Trace Dining collection designed by Adam Goodrum, paired with Tait Tidal Chairs designed by Trent Jansen. Tableware by Country Road.

As the cornerstone of the collection, we see Tait’s Trace Dining family take centre stage. The epitome of luxury outdoor dining, it features a marbled heavy-duty porcelain tabletop with smoked oak benching, and is paired with Tait’s wave-inspired stainless steel Tidal chairs. Nestled between terraced native landscaping and a sublime edgeless pool, the atmosphere is prime for serene sunset dinners.

Tait Zephyr Lounger with low-back in ‘Dunes’ designed by Charles Wilson.

For the first time, Tait reveals a new lounging typology, the Zephyr Lounger, designed by prominent Australian designer, Charles Wilson. The nautically-influenced lounger features windswept, graceful lines and offers cool comfort through its sling-style design and breathable canvas.

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection also presents a landmark collaboration for the brand titled, ‘Woven Skies’, with Indigenous textile house, Willie Weston. The collaboration features high-performance outdoor fabric prints produced through Indigenous-owned arts centres in some of the most remote parts of Australia, including, Ampilatwatja, the Tiwi Islands and Fitzroy Crossing. Each print celebrates the artists’ connection to native plant life and seasonal changes, and feature across Tait’s iconic Australian designed and made pieces.

Overlooking the tea tree-lined dunes and majestic rocky outcrops of Blairgowrie’s back beach, Horizon Lines feels right at home. Situated at the tip of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, the exposed environment speaks to the collections resilience and high performance in the extreme coastal elements. Employing corrosion-resistant metals, dimensionally stable timbers, reticulated and mould-resistant foams and exterior-grade fabrics, each piece has been designed and made to enjoy a long life. Dressed in warm and welcoming tones of eucalypt green’s and woody grey’s, and complemented by hints of earthen reds, the collection presents a palette that is both timeless and of the moment.

All pieces from Tait’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Horizon Lines, are available to order now.

For Pre-Christmas delivery, please place your order by 1st October.

Tait Linear Dining collection & Jak Chairs upholstered in Willie Weston’s Pandanus ‘Eucalypt’. Tableware by Country Road.

Tait Trace Armchairs designed by Adam Goodrum, upholstered in Willie Weston’s Sugarbag Dreaming ‘Ghost Gum’. Tableware by Country Road.

Tait Jak & Jil Dining collection designed by Justin Hutchinson. Tableware by Country Road.

Tait Zephyr Lounger designed by Charles Wilson. Glassware by Country Road.

Tait Drum Planters, medium and small.

Tait Trace Dining collection designed by Adam Goodrum, paired with Tait Tidal Chairs designed by Trent Jansen.

Tait Jak & Jil Dining setting designed by Justin Hutchinson. Glassware by Country Road.

Published 22 August 2021

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